Good Catholic Girl Wines

Julie Barry’s vision was always to make her own wine, but it just required a leap of faith. When her father, Jim Barry, passed away in 2004, Julie decided it was time for new challenges. She withdrew herself from Jim Barry Wines and headed over the hill to her limerick vineyard, which is located in the historic Irish settlement of armagh. Here, she saw the raw beauty of what her father had planted for her in 1997, and went about establishing Good catholic Girl Wines.

Today, Good catholic Girl Wines produces roughly six wines per year, totalling approximately 2000 cases. Specialising in red varieties such as malbec, shiraz and cabernet sauvignon, Good catholic Girl Wines champions single-variety wines, as they perfectly reflect the soil from which they are grown. The grapes are dry-grown in the winery’s limerick and Sisters vineyards, which ensures the distinct terroir of the armagh valley finds true expression in the wine.

In addition to red varieties, the winery also produces high-quality riesling, which is made with fruit that’s supplied by Good catholic Boy growers.

Located in the holy town of Sevenhill, Good catholic Girl Wines’ tasting room, The vestry, is a unique and interesting space. Housed in a heritage building and adorned with religious décor, the experiential tasting room encourages visitors to reflect on the clare valley region’s rich Irish catholic history.

“I want my guests to taste [the Irish catholic history] in my wine and reflect on all that makes the clare valley such a beautiful and authentic area,” says Julie. “It’s a place that has changed slowly over the last 100 years, and where the folk are honest and act with good intentions.”

Holy relics are available for purchase at The vestry, along with the entire Good catholic Girl Wines range, which is also purchasable via the company website.




2016 Good Catholic Girl ‘Teresa’ Riesling

This riesling is named after Saint Teresa of avila (the patron saint of headache sufferers), who is said to have achieved levitation during deep prayer. Julie’s mother Teresa, a mother of six, also prays but has not yet achieved levitation. This crisp, tangy and dry riesling might just do the trick!

2015 Good Catholic Girl ‘The James Brazill’ Shiraz

This shiraz is named after Julie’s grandmother    Dorothy’s    only brother, James Brazill Wilson, who was killed in France during World War I. Dorothy named her first- born son James Brazill Barry in his honour, and this wine pays tribute to both men. This big, bold, rich and single-vineyard shiraz stands tall and commands respect.

2015 Good Catholic Girl ‘Hail Mary full of grace’ Cabernet Sauvignon

This big, honest, fruit-packed cabernet sauvignon would make the Irish proud. Made with dry-grown fruit from the limerick vineyard that was foolishly picked on the 1st of april, this wine pays tribute to the Blessed anacleto Flores – a catholic martyr who fought for religious and social justice in Mexico.



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